Thursday, January 26, 2012


trip to Langkawi..

cuti raya cina baru ni kitorg secara adhocknye ke Langkawi 3hari 2 malam..banyak aktiviti yang menarik sepanjang berada di sana..paling cool island hopping..kami di bawa ke pulau dayang bunting, eagle feed ngan private island 'wet rice beach'..

kami tinggal di Holiday villa resort & spa..ramai foreigner yang dok kat sana..pantai die cantik tp makan die jek yang xbrapa nak sedap..

bercuti sangat-sangat menolong untuk reduce kan stress ataupun kurangkan penyakit.kat cni disertakan kenapa perlu kita bercuti..

baru tiba di Holiday Villa Resort & Spa

kat underwater worl

jom jet ski..syokkkk..

pulau Dayang Bunting..nampak tak perempuan mengandung tengah baring..

tasik dayang bunting

wet rice beach

cable car yang saaangaattt gayat..

why we need a vacation?

Health Benefits

  • Vacations have been shown to reduce the chance of dying of coronary heart disease for at risk patients. If you are a female who vacations twice a year, you can reduce the risk of serious heart problems by half according to State University of New York in Orsweg. Another study they conducted also found that men in their middle ages were more likely to die in a 9-year span if they didn't vacation more often.
    Physical health has a direct link to your social and psychological outlook on life. This means that the more your vacation, them likely you are to be healthy and enjoy life.
    Taking regular vacations can also reduce feelings of being overworked and reduce stress. Stress has been linked as a possible cause to many physical and mental diseases and disadvantages. Cancer, heart diseases and other conditions have been partially linked to higher stress levels.
    You can also end up reducing the amount of money you would possibly spend on doctor and medical bills by going on vacation. Since vacations can reduce many of the stress triggered health ailments that wear you down, less money will be spent dealing with these afflictions.

Other Personal and General Benefits of Taking Vacations

  • Beyond the obvious health benefits that a vacation can provide are the benefits that can be utilized in your relationship. In a personal relationship such as a marriage, partners can often reveal new sides of themselves they weren't comfortable doing in their home setting. Vacations provide quality time spent together that can make you appreciate things you have taken for granted.
    Friendship and family bonds can be strengthened by a vacation as well. Making it to a destination together can bring a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment that forges new ties. You can also create new memories that can last a lifetime with each other.
    Vacations help to create a healthy state of mind by satisfying your own human curiosity about other places, events and things you don't normally get to see. You may choose to spend your vacation time in a conventional or unconventional manner, but either way has a therapeutic affect on your life.

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